COVID-19 Update: How We Are Serving and Protecting Our Clients


During this unique time, our attorneys and staff remain available to assist you, whether navigating an insurance dispute, evolving employment situation, or continuing to advise you on your individual or business needs. We are simply doing it a little differently!

Is your office currently open during normal business hours?

To protect the health and safety of our clients, attorneys, and staff, we are working remotely. While our attorneys and staff are available by remote means during normal business hours, our office is generally closed. However, we are an essential business and can make our office available by appointment. Please schedule with your attorney or our staff if this is required.

When and how can I contact you?

The best means of contacting us is by email. If you are a new client, and not sure who to direct your inquiry to, please email You may also call our office.

What video chat platforms do you offer for clients?

Our attorneys are offering Zoom for video conferencing needs. We understand that not all clients are comfortable with this technology and are using email and telephone as well. We are happy to work with you to make sure we are communicating in the means most comfortable to you.

Are you accepting new clients?

Absolutely. We understand that COVID-19 is resulting in unique legal dilemmas for individuals and businesses. We are ready to help you navigate this evolving situation. In you are a potential client, or have another inquiry, please email

How can I get updates regarding the status of my case or legal matter?

The quickest way to receive updates is emailing your attorney or their staff directly. You may also call our office or email

Will scheduled depositions, mediation, arbitration, or settlement negotiations occur as planned?

In these unusual times, many courts have closed for several week periods. However, courts are implementing remote technology to allow court matters to advance while closed. In all likelihood, your deposition, mediation, arbitration or other court appearances will not proceed until courts are reopened. However, your attorney will direct you to any matters that are proceeding and make sure that you are aware if you need to attend. We are doing our best to make sure your matter is advancing regardless of the court closure.

We wish all of our clients, colleagues, adversaries, and friends safety and health during these trying times and we look forward to resuming in-person communication soon.