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Employment Lawyers Chicago

At Desanto, Morgan & Taylor Law Group, we are dedicated to assisting small businesses to avoid making common mistakes when firing and hiring employees. This will save the business from costly litigation. We have been offering the best representation to Chicago business management on matters regarding employment. 

What Our Employment Lawyers Can Do For You

 Our employment law practice entails a continuum of consulting, counseling, and litigation. We represent and advise our clients on legal matters relating to employment relationships. Our Chicago IL discrimination attorneys are extensively experienced in:

  • Advising business owners to help them avoid devastating and costly employment lawsuits

  • Offering legal counsel on wages and hour compliance for employers’ overtime pay

  • Representing employers in federal and state courts in employment lawsuits, hour and wage violation, and employment discrimination

  • Defending employers when summoned by enforcement agencies such as the Illinois Human Rights Commission, Illinois Department of Labor, OSHA, the Attorney General, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

  • Advising on how to Resolve employment problems efficiently and effectively. This includes termination of employees without any incidents and helping with investigations of harassment claims. 

  • Offering thorough investigation services on harassment and discrimination of employees

  • Helping employers comply with the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Americans With Disabilities act

  • Drafting employment policies such as the employee policy manuals, independent contractor agreements employments, agreements, arbitration policies, restrictive covenants, confidentiality and non-compete agreements, and separation and release agreements.

  • Running a background check on interviewees or prospective employees.

Our Discrimination lawyer in Chicago, IL, will represent you from the time the discrimination charge is filed and through the trial process. We offer representation in cases involving pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment, hour/wage violation, and other forms of claims under tort and contract. Other forms of discrimination include race, disability, and retaliation.

The best defense for employment lawsuits is one that entirely avoids controversy. Our legal consulting services are designed to help employers avoid employment-related lawsuits.

Employment Practices Audit

If our clients so desire, we can offer an employment practice audit which entails the following services: 

  • Reviewing the employer’s relationship with employees during the hiring and recruiting processes, employment agreements, and assessing how personal records are maintained.

  • Evaluating how the company responds to employees’ discrimination and harassment complaints

  • Assessing whether the employees are acting as independent contractors as classified under the Fair Labor Standards Act

  • Evaluating whether the company has the proper forms for hiring, training, disciplining, evaluating, and rewarding employees.

  • Seeing to it that employers comply with all employment laws

  • Taking all precautionary measures to avoid employment-related litigation.

  • Improving the Company’s business practices and overall employee morale. 


Discrimination attorneys in Chicago have the required resources and are competent in business law and litigation, personal injury, and estate planning. Our experience in these practice groups will help in handling complicated employment issues that may involve different legal principles such as non-compete claims, disputes with stockholder-employees, employee benefits, and tax-related issues. 

Contact Morgan and Taylor for a free consultation: 847.816.8100 with any concerns you might have with employment.

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