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Insurance Law

Insurance contracts are intended to protect and defend us from harm and loss. Policies are expected to protect our homes, cars, and life. But all contracts, including insurance policies, are written documents subject to interpretation. Further, these contracts must provide the intended protection at a time of need and vulnerability. When clients hear their insurance company is denying coverage, DeSanto Morgan & Taylor’s review of the law and the policy provisions may provide coverage through court action. Further our experience provides calm in your time of need and uncertainty. Insurance companies are highly regulated. Insurance law emphasizes regulating the business of insurance, regulation of the content of insurance policies, and the regulation of claim-handling. We are experienced in all areas.



As with all professionals, insurance brokers are subject to claims of professional negligence. Negligent conduct occurs when the broker fails to procure appropriate insurance, has not followed the insured’s instructions in procuring the insurance, or has otherwise inadequately obtained the insured necessary insurance protection. At DeSanto Morgan & Taylor we value the professionalism that most brokers possess. However, when a broker’s work does not measure up to the required standard of care, we seek accountability.



Insurance policies are written to protect persons in a time of need. On a daily basis, the attorneys of DeSanto Morgan & Taylor are involved in litigation which involves insurance companies. Unfortunately, claims are not always handled promptly and fairly. At DeSanto Morgan & Taylor, we believe insurers should seek prompt and fair resolutions. When insurers wrongfully deny, delay, or fail to properly defend, DeSanto Morgan & Taylor works to hold them accountable for their bad faith in handling of claims.



As with all written documents, the language of the document is important. When language is imprecise or unclear, interpretation becomes necessary. In the law, this is often through the filing of a declaratory judgment lawsuit. At DeSanto Morgan & Taylor, we have been involved in the interpretation of many types of policies drafted by many insurance carriers. Our experience allows us to evaluate a client’s claim and the likelihood of success in declaratory judgment actions against insurance companies. Clients are able to make informed decisions to seek coverage for their loss or indemnification for their insured liability. When clients with meritorious positions do pursue declaratory judgment actions, DeSanto Morgan & Taylor seeks prompt resolution of the dispute to protect the client’s interest in obtaining coverage or indemnification.



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