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Labor Law Attorneys Illinois

Labor Laws In Illinois And Why You Need A Lawyer

American employees are legally entitled to workplace protections and benefits. Through federal and state employment and labor laws, employees are guaranteed anti-discrimination protections and other benefits such as lunch breaks. 

However, some employers violate some of the employment laws, which is both unlawful and unethical. Such violations can adversely impact the lives of employees both personally and professionally. If you have experienced unjust treatment at your workplace, a discrimination attorney in Illinois will help you take the appropriate legal action.

While your job may be your sole means of support for your family and yourself, you are legally guaranteed a safe working environment, free form harassment, and discrimination. These employee protection rights are designed to meet that objective. Therefore, if you have experienced unjust treatment at work, our Chicago IL discrimination attorneys will help you better understand and advise you on the best action to get your career life back on track. 

Why You Need An Illinois Employment Discrimination Lawyer

Although there are various laws that protect employees from unfair treatment at workplaces, you may not be fully aware of all. A competent Chicago employment attorney will educate you on your rights as an employee and determine if these fundamental public policy rights have been violated. A well-informed lawyer will also guide you through the available legal options and, if suitable, file a claim for any employment law violation.

You may be facing discrimination through wages, overtime, employment contracts, union rights, collective bargaining, or reasonable accommodations. Also, if you have already filed a complaint against your employer and you probably feel that you are being retaliated against for doing so, an experienced attorney can represent your interests and help in determining if your company is acting unlawfully. Your attorney will also offer legal advice on employment agreements.

Compensation For Employment Law Violation

When your fundamental employee rights are violated, you are entitled to compensation. Depending on the facts of your case, you might receive monetary compensation for lost wages, overtime pay, or damages for other losses. Your attorney will inform you of the type of compensation you might be entitled to after investigating your situation. 

You have been working hard on a daily basis, and the least you can expect is to be treated fairly on the job. If you feel that your employer is violating state or federal law, have overtime or wage issues, or are experiencing discrimination at work, the seasoned Discrimination lawyers in Chicago IL at Morgan and Taylor Law will represent you in the fight for your rights.

Standing up to your employer can be intimidating, especially when you are feeling like you are being treated unfairly or discriminated against. However, our Best Illinois discrimination lawyers are here to protect you and represent you in claiming compensation if your employer is acting unlawfully.

We conduct a thorough investigation and work towards ensuring that your rights are not only protected but that you also receive any compensation your company owes you. Contact Morgan and Taylor for a free consultation: 847.816.8100 to schedule a consultation.

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