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Non Compete Lawyer Chicago

There are numerous approaches to handling Chicago non-compete clauses. A number of factors go into creating a standard non-compete agreement, overseeing negotiations between former employers to allow the employee to seek a new job and other legal actions that may take place.

Employers often invest a lot of time and resources in creating new innovations, perfecting processes, and expanding their client base. For this reason, they need to keep this information secret to survive in the competitive business world. One way of achieving this secrecy is by having employees sign a non-compete agreement to protect information that is vital to the operation of the business, such as trade secrets and customer lists. 

What Renders a Non-compete Agreement, either Valid or Invalid?

Depending on the nature and terms of the employment contract, non-compete agreements are treated differently. Since non-compete agreements have the effect of limiting commerce and the public policy always favors people being productive and having jobs, these agreements are limited. It can be limited geographically, by industry, by length, or to a legitimate interest of the employer.  

To be valid, the non-compete agreement must balance the needs of the employer against the needs and rights of the employee. To prepare a valid and enforceable non-compete clause, you might need the help of an experienced Non-compete agreement lawyer in Chicago. If you are an employee and you signed a non-compete agreement with your employer, we can help you counter it. 

Problems With Chicago Non-Compete Agreements

Non-compete agreements can affect the employee's employment life in a number of ways, especially after leaving the company. If the employee finds another job in the same field of work, the former employer can file a lawsuit against the former employers forcing them to quit the new job. New employers may also refuse to hire you after seeing your non-compete agreement with your former employer, thus impacting your employability.

Litigation lawyer for non-compete agreements

The very first approach in trying to settle the dispute between former employers and employees is by initiating negotiations between the two parties. The negotiations are often aimed at reaching a balance of compromises whereby the employees can work for a different company without hurting the former employer's secrets. 

Being among the best Chicago non-compete clause attorneys, we will attempt to create an agreement that will save the parties the trouble and cost of having to face a court battle. In most cases, an accommodation is easy to arrive at as long as both the employee and employer are reasonable.

If the employee takes up a new job position that the former employer thinks violates the non-compete, they may sue the employers seeking a court order preventing the employee from working. The burden of proving that the non-compete was valid and that the employee is in violation, lies with the employer. 

On the other hand, the employee must defend the case to keep his or her job. In this situation, you require the representation of a Litigation lawyer for non-compete agreements. The lawyers at Morgan and Taylor have handled Chicago non-compete cases and will be of great help. If you are facing a non-compete in Chicago, Contact Morgan and Taylor for a free consultation: 847.816.8100.

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