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IRS Audits Lake County IL

IRS Auditors have a wide variety of responsibilities. These agents review tax returns, forms, and claims and pay periodic visits to businesses and residences. At DMT Law Group, we offer all kinds of IRS audit services in Lake County, IL.

As an IRS audit company, we review straightforward tax filings from individuals and small businesses. We input tax returns and verify the accuracy of the information included. We are more skilled in more complex tax applications.

We also audit tax returns of large enterprises such as large corporations, companies, and other businesses. Our top ad finest staff is well-trained in specializing in tax issues. Thereby, our team can help you examine specific tax topics, such as financial products, employment taxes, and international matters.

Why are we the best? We provide answers to why you need to patronize us and trust us with your account.

Examine Returns

At DMT Law Group, we offer reliable legal services in IL towards reviewing tax returns submitted by individuals and business owners to us. Our well trained IRS auditors will look at all the relevant financial data, including deductions, credits, and adjustments, to ensure that all filings follow federal tax guidelines. Our company will review grant organizations and other tax-exempt entities to ensure they comply with all regulatory requirements.

Assessment of Tax Liability

One of an IRS Auditor's functions or duties is to assess or investigate tax liability. When an IRS agent examines the tax returns and financial statements, the agent determines the amount of taxes, penalties, and interest due.

The IRS will send a notification to the taxpayer informing him of his balance and his options for paying that balance. If a customer discovers an overpayment, the IRS will undertake a refund process. IRS auditors double-check tax returns, catch errors and call the taxpayer to discuss any changes.

Therefore, as an IRS Audits Lake County IL company provider, we follow the necessary protocols to assess tax liability.

Conduct Audits

The IRS Audit department of any company is frequently called to interviews, auditing individuals and businesses. The audit team will review the past three years of tax returns and inspect financial statements to ensure that taxes have been paid to the appropriate level. DMT Law Group handles this conduction of audits so that other IRS Audits Lake County IL can’t meet up. Our past reviews speak for us.

Revenue Reports

At DMT Law Group, we prepare, formulates, and analyze the Treasury Department's income tax reports. These reports are gathered on tax collection results, operational data, demographics, spending, and income by different regions, and we analyze other areas.

We also compile a research study regarding the average income of a specific zip code, the average spending trends, and average tax liability. DMT Law Group uses all this information regarding corporate tax liability to analyze company spending and future liability better.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to always count on us to deliver a top-notch service on IRS Audits at Lake County, IL. Call on us by phone at (847) 816-8100 and expect a swift response from us.

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