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Personal Injury

Injuries happen anywhere, at any time, in a variety of ways. At DeSanto Morgan & Taylor, we understand that each injury is unique. If someone is harmed in person or property by the negligent, reckless, or intentional actions of another, the law provides for accountability. The injured should expect the careless to be held accountable and answerable for the harm and loss caused. Reasonable monetary damages compensate for the harm and loss incurred. The injury may occur in many ways including the operation of an automobile, poor property maintenance, operation of machinery or equipment, construction projects, design and manufacture of defective products, and professional malpractice. In all areas of human activity where injury is foreseeable as a result of inappropriate conduct, serious injuries and loss require prompt and effective investigation is necessary to preserve rights. DeSanto Morgan & Taylor has the experience, education and proven ability to protect and represent victims of the negligent, reckless, and intentional conduct of others.


Automobile collisions are a frequent source of injury. Still each injury, in severity and mechanism, is unique. Persons may drive negligently by speeding, improper lane usage, improper turning, rear-end collisions, failing to yield, and in many other ways. If in the operation of their vehicle, someone has caused injury to you or your loved ones, DeSanto Morgan & Taylor will conduct a personalized approach to assess your loss and harm. These damages may include physical disability or limitations, pain, medical costs, lost income, loss of ability to work, and loss of enjoyment of your life activities. Working together, we evaluate your losses and act aggressively to obtain fair and deserved compensation.



When professionals act outside the standard of care with which they are required to comply with in their professional practice , injuries, harm, and loss may occur. Professionals may include architects, doctors, nurses, mechanics, pharmacists, accountants, and attorneys. We assess these types of claims through investigation and protect your interests in meritorious claims.



Injuries occurring during recreational and competitive athletics are complicated and affected by the laws regarding assumption of risk and the contact sports exception. Our lawyers have worked on injuries occurring in activities from skiing to paintball. We are attune to the legal principles that complicate these types of cases and are able to advise you accordingly.



Property owners and occupiers are responsible for the upkeep of their property. Liability may arise for dangers or hazards on the premises , such as defects, holes, or traps undisclosed to the visitor. Liability may also attach to inadequate security on premises for places of public accommodation or inadequate supervision when one is patronizing certain stores, companies, or taverns.



Every day we use multiple products, from an automobile to get to work, to kitchen appliances, to implanted medical devices, and everything in between. Each of these products must be designed and manufactured to be reasonably safe for its intended use. When they are not, or when the risks of using the product are not disclosed by appropriate warnings, liability attaches for injuries that result from the product’s use. At DeSanto Morgan & Taylor, our attorneys have experience investigating a variety of products. We call upon qualified experts to identity and explain the defect in the product and assess the harm suffered by the client in pursuing these claims.



In some cases an intentional act causes harm. Intentional conduct can occur through actions or words. For example, if you have been the victim of an assault or battery, you have been harmed by intentional conduct. Assaults and batteries are typically thought to be found in physical altercations, but such torts may also encompass a touching that goes beyond your consent. When words are used, an individual can defame others, use fraud, or coerce with the language of their words. These types of conduct also have associated liability. Our attorneys will discuss the potential liability associated with each action or statement and advise you on legal remedies you may have.



In some cases, the nature of the damages is so severe, but hidden, that it is imperative to have an attorney who understands the injury. One such injury is a traumatic brain injury. This injury comes in many forms following a traumatic event. Often clients are unable to recall the details of an accident, their lives previously, or testify as to how the injury occurred. DeSanto Morgan & Taylor is well-versed in the medical science of traumatic brain injuries and vigorously prosecutes these cases.



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